B.Ed english lesson plan for class 3 to 8 | lesson plan on articles

B.Ed lesson plan for English

english lesson plan on articles


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Class_________________ Section____________________subject____________
Period ________________time limit ________________

Topic-Articles- A, An The


➤ Education objective-
 Expected behaviour change
1. Knowledge
1. The student would be able to recall articles.
2. The student would be able to recall articles like- A,An,The.
1. The student would be able to differentiate between A,An,The.
2. The student would be able to select articles in sentences.
3. Application
1. The student would be able to use articles according to the rules in their daily conversation.
4. Expression
1. The student would be able to write English sentence.
2. The student would be able to speak English sentences using articles.
english lesson plan class 8 
 ➤Teaching learning Aid:
           Pointer, Roll up Board, chart and general classroom useful materials.

 Teaching point:
                                           1.A.    2.An.     3.The

 previous knowledge:-
  The student Have general knowledge about articles.

      introduction skill:
Pupil Teacher’s activities
Students activities
What is this ? (Showing a pen)
This is a pen.
 What is this? (So wing a duster)
This is a duster.
 What is this? (Showing a chalk)
This is a chalk.
What is A and An in the grammar?
Where do we use articles A,An and the
     ➤Statement of Aim
                      Today we shall study about’ theuse of articles A,An and The.’ english lesson plan
     ➤presentation (development of a lesson):
Teaching points
Teacher activities
Student activities
Blackboard summary
Definition and use of A and An
The pupil Teacher will show a chart to the students and ask some questions.
1. What article is used with chalk?
2. What articles is used with apple?
3. What article is used with pen?
4. What article is used with elephant?




Fill in the blanks-
1.______Ink pot.
2.Delhi is____City.
1. This is a chalk.
2. I saw a man.
3. This is an important thing.
4. I have a pen.
5. That is an elephant.
Pupil Teacher statement-
     The teacher asked to the students that’s why different word follow different articles.
The teachers tell the students the rules of articles. He also tell the student that A and are now as indefinite articles.
Articles ‘A’ is used with proper noun.
‘A’ is used with singular noun.
‘A’ is used with countable noun.
‘A’ is used with constant sound.
‘An’ is used with countable noun.
‘An ‘is used with vowels sound.
The students will silent.

Students will not down the rules of use of articles a and An in Their notebook.

Singular noun
Proper noun
Countable noun
Constant sound
2. The use of definite Article ‘The’
Pupil Teacher-
    Would write certain words on on the blackboard. Then he will ask the students to pronounce the words and asks some questions to the students-
1. Which article is used with earth?
2. Why is the article used with Himalayas?
3. What article is used with sky?
4. What article is used with the best girl.?


1.He is ________farmer.

2.He is _____Honest man.
3.This is____book.

Pupil Teacher statement-
  The pupil Teacher tell the students
The rules of using article ‘the’
1. Article The is used before the objects which are unique in the universe like- the moon, the sun, the earth, the sky etc.
2. Articles The is used before superlative degrees like- Tallest,best etc.

The student will listen.

The student will listen carefully and note down in their notebook.


1.The earth is round
2.the sky is blue.
3.the Himalayas is a great mountain
4. Radha is the best girl.
3. Drill and practice-
Pupil Teacher will write some sentences on blackboard and ask some questions to students.
1. I bring __________beautiful flower.
2. He is_________ advocate.
3. Why do we use the articles with sun.
Fill in the blanks-
1._______Ganga is a holy river.
2.______moon moves round_____earth

1. The sun gives us light in the day.

2.sita is the tallest girl in this class.
3. Radha is the Hindu.

Recapitulation questions-
 Q.1 filling in the blanks with using A,An and The.
     (a) She ate_________apple.
     (b)Yo are__________Good boy.
Q.2 _________moon moves round________earth.
Q.3.Why do we use ‘the’ Article before the word Hindu.
Q.4. What article used Ramayan and why?
Q.5. what article is used with elephant?

➤home assignment-

        Make 5 sentence using’A’,’An, and ‘The’.

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B.Ed lesson plan for English
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