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हेल्लो दोस्तों lesson plan for english class 4 pdf वाले इस ब्लॉग में आपका स्वागत है दोस्तों यहाँ पर हम रोज बीएड व stc के सभी विषयों के lesson plan pdf लेकर आते है

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आज आपको lesson plan for english class 4 pdf उपलब्ध करवा रहे है क्योंकी यहाँ पर आप क्लास 4 का लेसन प्लान खोजते आये है ….

lesson plan for english class 4 pdf



4 ENGLISH 40 Min


Learning Outcomes:-

The students know very well about good manners and good habits.

Topic: Two Precious Gems

Required Materials:

  1. Colourful chart on good manners and habits.
  2. Example of good girls/boys known by students.

Teaching Learning Process-



Method of Assessment


In the beginning of teaching-

Teacher will say, “Hello Students! Good Morning/ Good Afternoon to all of you.”

Now teacher will ask “what is most precious?”

Student will answer according to their previous knowledge. As Money,Gold, Silver, Diamond etc.

Teacher will ask again, “What is the most precious that we can not buy or sell?” After a little thinking some students will answer. Teacher will correct their answer.

Teacher will use both language Hindi and English to make understand the students. Now

teacher will say to open chapter 8th named TWO PRECIOUS GEMS.



5 MIN.



Question/ Answer


Mid of the period –

The students will open the chapter and teacher tells that they are ready to learn the lesson today. He will begin to read the title; as ‘Two Precious Gems’. After telling meaning of title he begins to read the chapter line by line. Teacher will repeat every line two or three times, taking a meaningful pause to clear the meaning correctly. He will clear the meaning of new words given in chapter.

After it teacher will ask the students to read the chapter aloud. He will go to every student to observe them. He will motivate the students by patting their back and help them who have any problem to read correctly.

10 MIN. Observation       And  Participation
Consolidating the teaching-

Teacher will assess the learning of students through questions given in the chapter. He will ask these questions one by one and students answer them as they understand.

1. Where was the traveller passing through?

2. How did the children help the traveller?

3. Why did traveller offer some money to old lady?

4. Did the old lady accept his help?

5. Who were the two precious gems for the lady?

Teacher will write above answers on the blackboard and suggest the students to write them on their notebook.

10 MIN uestion / Answer

lesson plan for english class 4 pdf


Teacher will give homework to the students from chapter as below –

  1. a) Butterfly is beautiful.
  2. b) Lotus is ………………..
  3. c) Banana is …………….
  4. D) We put……. in our finger.

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lesson plan for english class 4 pdf lesson plan for english class 4 pdf

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