How to create a lesson plan format | Effective Lesson Plan for B.Ed 2024

how to create a lesson plan for b.ed

B.ed lesson plan formats 2024

Effective Lesson Plan for B.Ed  2024

To teach a lesson, the teacher divides it into smaller units. The subject matter of one unit is taught in one period. A detailed outline is drawn up to teach this subject matter. This is called a lesson plan. Effective Lesson Plan for B.Ed

The answers to the questions related to the lesson plan are given below –

 1. What is lesson plan called in Hindi?
Lesson plan is called lesson plan in Hindi.

 2. What is a lesson plan?
Before going to the class, the teaching material made on the topic of the lesson to be taught by the teacher, which is based on the prior knowledge of the children, is a lesson plan or lesson plan.

 3. How is the lesson plan prepared / How is the lesson plan made? How to prepare lesson plan?
Lesson plan is prepared in few steps –
Teaching purpose is kept in mind.
Preamble Questions are prepared.
Teaching points are selected.
Lessons are developed with developmental questions.
Assessment questions are asked at the end of the lesson.
At the end the assignment is given. h
ow to create a lesson plan

 4.How to make Annual Lesson Plan? 

   See this for

  5.Who is the father of lesson planning method?
The educationist was Herbert

6. Why are introduction questions asked?
The purpose of the preface question is to connect the students to the topic, these questions are based on the previous knowledge of the students, which generates interest in the topic.

 7. Whose contribution is the lesson plan?
Morrison introduced this approach in 1926 for the formulation of lesson plans.

 8.How do you create an effective lesson plan?
For this read this post till the end.

how to create a lesson plan
 9. What is the difference between lesson plan and unit plan?
For this see this 
how to create a lesson plan for b.ed B.ed lesson plan formats 2022 Effective Lesson Plan for B.Ed

 What is Teaching lesson plan for B.Ed.-

       According to Simpson, in the lesson plan, the teacher systematically uses his particular material and what he knows about the students. How  to make BEd Lesson Plan
When you are doing B.Ed or BSTC then internship is done in school for training at that time.
At present, internships are conducted in government schools for training. During internship, you have to get teaching work done in class. To get this teaching job done well, the student teacher has to plan the lesson first. How to make a Effective Lesson Plan for B.Ed

Lesson plan is known as lesson plan.

Complete information about how to make a lesson plan in B.Ed is given here.

Definitions of Lesson Plan –

According to Nelson Wasing- “Teaching lesson plan is the title of a statement which describes the achievements and specific means to be achieved through class activities in hours time.” Bossing- “Lesson planning refers to the description of the specific means for achieving achievements by which those achievements are achieved as a result of actions taken in a given time.”

According to Binning and Binning – “Defining the objectives, selecting the text-content, ordering and deciding the methods of presentation are important in the formulation of the daily lesson plan.”

Lesson plan requirement Teaching Lesson plan requirement-

      Creating a lesson plan is as important for a teacher as it is necessary for an engineer to have a map or blueprint for building a building. Lesson planning is very important for successful and effective teaching in the classroom. The following are the reasons for the need of lesson planning in the process of teaching.
1. Writing specific objectives in a lesson plan provides direction to classroom teaching.
2. It helps in planning the learning process based on classroom control and motivation and individual variation. How to make a lesson plan for BEd
3. It gives complete knowledge to the children on which human teaching is based, from which the students construct new knowledge.
4. Lesson planning is helpful for providing success and effective form of a lesson to the daily teachers.
5. Due to this, the subject matter is arranged according to the moon and there is an effective organization.
6. Through this, the teacher formulates the regulation of educational goals and processes in the form of complete goals and activities.
7. It is necessary for orderly and development in thinking.
8. It acts as a guide and friend for the teacher.
9. Party planning gives opportunity to the teacher to divide the time and experiment as per the need.
10. In the middle education of the lesson plan, complete information about teaching activities and aids is obtained.
how to create a lesson plan

Objectives of Lesson Plan Objectives of Lesson plan in hindi –

    The objectives of the lesson plan are as follows-
1. To make complete information about teaching activities and aids in the class.
2. To discuss all the elements of the prescribed text.
3. To inform about the order of presentation and certainty in the form of the text.
4. Less chance of teacher forgetting while teaching class.
5. Determination of teaching-learning, place of use of aids, method of teaching and methods.

Structure of Lesson Plan for B.Ed and STC-

     There is a definite goal in front of the teacher to prepare the lesson plan and on this basis the teacher can present the lessons in any class, the outline of the lesson plan can be prepared on the basis of each purpose method in the following way.

1. General Information-
It should include the title of the lesson to be taught, class, passage, duration, subject, topic, date, etc. The name of the school in which teaching is to be done must also be written. lesson plan in hindi pdf

2. General Purpose-
The general objective is determined on the basis of the first point of writing Language Chemistry Mathematics Hindi Social Studies The general objectives of the subjects are different. how to create a lesson plan

3. Specific Purpose-
The purpose for which it is achieved in teaching a particular lesson should be written. Specific objectives are based on general objectives but the objective is related to the topic.

4. Teaching aids-
What kind of learning material is needed in teaching the lesson, such as white plank, blackboard, chart, model etc. should be mentioned. how to create a lesson plan

5 foreknowledge-
In this, the knowledge that the child already has related to five, on the basis of which the lesson is to be proposed, the lesson starts on the basis of previous knowledge.

6. Introduction-
Based on previous knowledge, the teacher proposes the lesson through questions or charts. The last question in the introduction is problematic. how to create a lesson plan

7. Presentation-
In this part of the lesson plan, new knowledge is presented in front of the students, for this it is divided into two parts, study situations in one part and study points in the other part. Teachers write different teaching methods, different techniques, audiovisual methods. makes use of. The subject matter can be presented in one or two stages.

8. Check Your Progress-

The teacher asks questions from the lesson taught which are called comprehension questions.

9. Blackboard work-
The teacher draws conclusions on the basis of the experiments taught by the teacher, the teacher should try to make such a conclusion that the child himself draws conclusions when the students copy the black board summary and the teacher observes the class.

10. Evaluation-
Such questions are asked from the lesson taught by the teacher, from which it is known that till now the children have acquired new knowledge. how to create a lesson plan

11. Homework-
At the end of the lesson, the child should be given some work related to the lesson for home, this should be checked the next day, so that the students learn to apply the acquired knowledge.

Things to keep in mind while making lesson plan- how to create Lesson plan in hindi

      The success of teaching depends a lot on the preparation of lesson plans, so the following points should be kept in mind while making lesson plans.

1. The physical and mental abilities and abilities of the students should be known.
2. There should be space for making changes according to the need in the preparation of lesson plans.
3. One should have in-depth knowledge of the subject before making a lesson plan.
4. Class-level knowledge is a must while making lesson plans.
5. To make a good lesson plan, the teacher should have in-depth knowledge of his subject as well as general knowledge of all other subjects.
6. The topic should be divided into one or more stages.
7. Teaching method or policy should be selected for the steps.
8. Objectives should be clearly spelled out in the lesson plan.
9. While preparing the lesson plan, the teacher should take full care of the time.
10. Must have complete knowledge of teaching principles, teaching formulas and methods of education.
11. The material needed for the lesson should be determined and its use should be ensured.
12. Teachers should be aware of the previous knowledge of the students. how to create a lesson plan

Features of Effective Lesson Plan for Teaching-

1. An effective lesson plan is a proposed outline of an action to be used in a classroom.
2. The lesson plan in the class should be in a duly written form.
3. Lesson plan should be based on some objective and objectives.
4. The teaching aids to be used in the lesson plan should be mentioned such as charts, models, maps, film strips, slides etc.
5. The model lesson plan should be based on the prior knowledge of the students.
6. Lessons are modern content written in the form of teaching points or concepts.
7. The text should be divided into appropriate steps.
8. The lesson plan should have simplicity of language.
9. The use of teaching method appropriate to the lesson should be further indicated.
10. The subject matter should be coordinated with the other subject as far as possible.
11. Examples should be used in place. how to create a lesson plan
12. Arrangements for imparting education should be made on the basis of individual differences.
13. Use of developmental and reflective questions.
14. General information like duration of the lesson, level of class, subject matter, topic etc. should be mentioned. how to create a lesson plan
15. The blackboard should be used along with the development of the summary text.
16. Homework should be arranged.

Need to make lesson plan-

To make the teaching of any subject successful, it is necessary to make a lesson plan because of the following reasons- how to create a lesson plan 
1. Lesson plan acts as a guide for the teacher.
2. Lesson plans encourage thinking and use of supporting materials.
3. Lesson planning helps in planning the teaching process.
4. Through the Teaching Lesson plan, the course of presentation and the form of the content are decided.
5. Lesson planning facilitates the teacher to choose the appropriate method of teaching.
6. Lesson planning gives opportunity to the teacher for forethought and reflection for successful teaching.
7. The teacher is able to present the content of the lesson organized and systematically through lesson planning. how to create a lesson plan
8. By preparing the lesson plan, it is known whether the teacher’s teaching was successful or not.
9. The questions to be asked by the teacher are decided in advance in the lesson plan.
10. Through lesson planning, the teacher easily evaluates his teaching.
11. The teaching process becomes more effective through the lesson plan.
12. By the lesson plan, the conditions for controlling the activities of the students and using the earlier methods of reinforcement are also determined. how to create a lesson plan
13. Confidence is generated in the teacher through lesson plan.
14. Lesson plan is very important for the purpose of bringing accuracy and clarity in thinking.
15. Teaching is done by psychological method through lesson plan, so students get permanent knowledge.

The format of a good lesson plan is given below on the basis of which you can build a lesson plan.
Micro teaching lesson plan for science is prepared in this way. how to create a lesson plan

Note:- This type of lesson plan formats are used in science teaching, geography teaching, chemistry teaching, biology teaching, physics teaching, mathematics teaching and social studies lesson plans etc. 

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