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हेल्लो दोस्तों english lesson plan वाले ब्लॉग में आपका स्वागत है दोस्तों आज हम lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf लेकर आये है

यह आज की इस पोस्ट में जो english lesson plan दिया गया है वह class 1 से 5 तक के लिए उपयोगी है

english lesson plan के लिए आप बहुत ही अच्छी जगह आये है यहाँ से आप lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf में डाउनलोड कर सकते है

lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf


5 ENGLISH 40 Min


Learning Outcome – 

1) Children will be able to know the role of farmers in our life.

2) Children will be familiar with the name of different grains, spices, vegetables etc. in English.

3)  Children will be able to understand the story and express it in their own words.




Required Material –

Some real objects as grains, spices, vegetables etc. and video on DIKSHA App.



S.N. STEPS TIME Method of Assessment
1. Before Teaching- 

a) By showing some real objects such  as grains, spices and vegetables etc, the teacher will ask their name in English or Hindi.

(Children may answer.) 

b) Who grows these things for us? Ans.- Farmer  c) What is the role of farmer in our life? (Children will give different answer)

Now teacher will tell the children that farmer are very important person in our life. If they don’t grow food items, we will starve. Today  we will read a story of a “CLEVER FARMER”



5 MIN.



Question/ Answer

In time mid of the period-

Teacher will show the children a video clip of this chapter on DIKSHA App.

Afterwards he will ask the children to read the story one by one (a little portion of the story). He will try to give a chance to every child. He will help the children to pronounce difficult words if needed.

Now he will explain each and every line of the story in Hindi. So that the students may grasp the meaning of the story.    After explaining the story in Hindi, he will write difficult words and their meanings on the board. The children will note down the meaning.





10 MIN.




Observation       And  Participation


The teacher will ask some question to the children.

a) Where did the farmer live? b) Why was the tall man angry?  (Children will try to answer in their own words; teacher will encourage them in doing so.

Activity– Children will make a list of the crop which grows above the ground and below the ground. Children will make the list individually.

10 MIN Question / Answer


HOME WORK-( 05 Min)

Children will learn the meaning of the chapter and draw the images of different land form given in the book. lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf


Teacher will continue the same chapter for the next few days to complete the remaining part of the story and to work on language portion.

micro teaching lesson plan for english

micro teaching lesson plan for english,lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf

microteaching lesson plan for english pdf download 

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यह भी देखें – lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf

lesson plan for class 1 to 5 in english pdf

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